Since its inception in 2010, Health-e-NC has awarded $882,000 to 11 pilot projects under a competitive grant mechanism over 2 cycles, and another $493,000 to 2 multi-year Signature Initiative projects. All research projects have taken place in North Carolina, often in counties where the cancer burden is particularly high. The intervention research has been conducted by interdisciplinary, collaborative teams representing 18 different departments, and led by investigators with primary faculty appointments at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Return on Investment:
A critical goal for UCRF is to be catalytic and leverage additional funding from extramural sources. Health-e-NC pilot grants have leveraged a 2.6x return on their investment within only 1-2 years. 

Current Health-e-NC pilot research projects
FY 2010-2011:

The first round of Health-e-NC pilot research projects were awarded in fall 2010. They were developed in response to work groups that were organized around the Health-e-NC priority areas of (1) tobacco prevention and control; (2) obesity, diet and physical activity; (3) organizational settings; and (4) health care providers and practices.

The six FY2011 projects were:
Healthy Stores, Healthy Communities

Circles of Care: Supporting African Americans with Cancer

Partnering with NC Community Colleges to Prevent Cancer

Meeting the Needs of Cancer Survivors in North Carolina: Assessing and Improving the Medicaid Medical Home Model

Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening in NC Medicaid Beneficiaries

Addressing Cancer Disparities by Studying Issues of Coverage, Convergence & Cost in Multiple Settings

View the 2010 Request for Applications (pdf file).

The second round of Health-e-NC pilot research projects were awarded in FY2012 and emphasized interactive technology and community-academic partnerships as components of the intervention research. 

The five FY2012 projects were:
A Home-based Motivational Exercise Program for African American Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study

Reducing HPV-Attributable Cancers through HPV Vaccination -- an Interactive Technology Based Approach for Adolescents in School Based Health Centers.

Telemedicine Delivery of a Cancer Support Training Intervention: Partnership with Community-Based Survivorship Centers

Improving Care Quality with Virtual Tumor Boards Using Videoconferencing Technology

Lose-Now-NC: Feasibility of a large group format community weight loss program coupled with Internet support

View the 2011 Request for Applications (pdf file).

  The third round of Health-e-NC pilot funding sought to concentrate cancer intervention research efforts for a cumulative effect via a multi-year Signature Initiative. The goal of the HeNC Signature Initiative was to fund a linked set of pilot studies that shared a concentrated focus among a group of investigators, a common content area (theme) for intervention research, and collective outcomes and related measures. The two themes for this round were cancer survivorship & lung cancer

The FY2013 & FY2014 Signature Initiative projects were:

Improving Survivorship Care Through Enhanced Communication and Coordination 

Preventing Lung Cancer through Tobacco Cessation Quality Improvement

View the 2012 Signature Initiative Call for Concept Papers (pdf file).